MTTS - Medical Technology Transfer and Services - specialises in adopting Western medical solutions to the requirements of clinics in the developing countries.

We provide custom-designed, low-cost equipment to hospitals, and provide targeted training to medical personnel, to save the lives of infants suffering from common newborn pathologies. To ensure sustainability, we work to strengthen linkages with local health authorities to involve them in integrating these technologies into the larger health system.

Breath of Life

MTTS is a main partner of Breath of Life, an East Meets West Foundation program that directly addresses infant mortality in Southeast Asia through low-cost, innovative clinical solutions.

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We develop and manufacture our products in order to create fully operational Neonatal Intensive Care Units at the hospitals in developing countries. MTTS adopts Western technologies to the needs and capacity of the users taking into consideration existing infrastructure constrains.

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MTTS is combining the Western cutting edge technologies with the needs and infrastructure of the developing world. Our production responds to the demands of those who are in great needs but with limited resources. We are focusing our efforts on practical application in order to realize solid value in the most effective and efficient way.

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